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Silicone Optical Coupling Compound for PMT Photomultiplier Scintillator Detector


Hamamatsu R6095 PMT Photomultiplier KIT w/SOCKET, Electronics, Coupling Compound


Hamamatsu R580-22 Photomultiplier Tube CD3271


PMT Photomultiplier Charge Sensitive Amplifier Module for DIY Gamma Spectrometry


Rapiscan Secure 1000 ADIT B133D01X01 Photomultiplier Tube


Hamamtsu Photomultiplier tube R1166P with base


Hamamatsu H7828 Photomultiplier Module


B14A Diheptal Socket w/pre-wired PMT preamp & BNC end 4Pin Photomultiplier tube


Photonis XP3212/SQ 2" Photomultiplier tube Qty. 1


Brandenburg Model 4479 Photomultiplier Module 0-1kV NEW


Hamamatsu Photomultiplier R1450 PMT Tube 19mm for Scintillation Detector NEW


EMI 2" Photomultiplier Tubes (11), plus accessories


Hamamatsu R4220 Photomultiplier Tube T49380


Hamamatsu Model 1P21 Photomultiplier Tube 300-650nm Side-on - Made in Japan


Electron Tubes Inc photomultiplier tube model P30A-03 detector package


ADIT L50B01-3 Photomultiplier Tube New


Photonis XP3212/SQ 2" photomultiplier tubes 4-pk


Hamamatsu R928 Photomultiplier Tube


Philips Photonics Photomultiplier Type PMT XP3312/SQ


Photonis XP3312/SQ Photomultiplier Tube


RCA IP28 Photomultiplier Tube Free S&H


HAMAMATSU PHOTOMULTIPLIER TUBE R1166-17 with PreAmp Connector & Socket


Photonis Photomultiplier Tube XP2052/B with socket VD200K


NEW Hamamatsu R212 Photomultiplier Tube PMT Made in Japan + Bonus Opened Tube!!


HAMAMATSU R2228 photomultiplier tube & E990-07 SOCKET (#2391)


Photomultiplier Thorn EMI Electron Tube 9781B16 with Socket on board (#2)




Photomultiplier PMT + High Voltage Power Supply (ADIT + Matsusada 1.5kV Supply)


Photonis XP3312/SQ 3" photomultiplier tubes 4-pk


Electron Tubes Type 9106B08 Photomultiplier Tube, Socket, PCB Assembly


Hamamatsu Photomultiplier PMT R1463 Power Amplifier Module


Hamamatsu E717-52 Photomultiplier Base Board Photonics


Hamamatsu R10133 PMT - KIT with VD - Photomultiplier Tube Scintillation Detector


Photomultiplier Tube, XP2102/SQ, Phillips, 24.pc PHR:9.2%


From NASA! Adjustable PMT Detector Assembly, Photomultiplier Tube in Housing!


Hamamatsu 931B 300-650nm 28mm Side-On PMT Photomultiplier Tube w/E717-21 Socket


TSI 962 Photomultiplier Tube Holder & 965 Power Supply w/Burle 4526A PMT


Hamamatsu Photomultiplier Tube R268 with socket


Photonis (Philips) XP5312 PMT Photomultiplier Tube &VD for Scintillator Detector


THORN EMI High Voltage Electron Tube B2F/RFI Photomultiplier


Hamamatsu Photomultiplier Tube R1477-04 (S-40)


Hamamatsu R6231 2" *PMT KIT* Photomultiplier Tube for Scintillation Detector