About Thunderball

Thunderball gives players the chance to win up to £500,000 three times per week, the Thunderball draw is held on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday equating to this game being the most frequently played within the UK. The Thunderball currently houses the largest jackpot for just £1 play, the rival lottery, Health Lottery, is only able to offer players the jackpot of £100,000. The Thunderball has been hailed a success after contributing to the massive amount of money being awarded to “good causes”, the game has been drawn almost 1,500 since it’s launch.

The Thunderball draw is managed by the Camelot group who are responsible for the Euromillions, Lotto and variants of UK scratch cards, Camelot were the group behind the initial Lotto price increase. The game has picked up momentum since the Lotto game has increased in price to £2 per play, this makes Thunderball one of the few lottery games which cost’s £1 to play. The Thunderball game is also relatively unique in the sense that a player can win with just matching one ball, the Thunderball.

How do you play Thunderball

The purpose of Thunderball is to match all main game numbers with the Thunderball, in order to do this a player will either choose a lucky dip or manually select the numbers. The selection of numbers equates to a player choosing five numbers between one a thirty-nine followed by a 6th ball between the numbers one and fourteen, if a player would like have a completely random set of numbers then the option for a lucky dip is made available on which a computer will randomly generate the numbers for that player.

How much does it cost to play Thunderball

The cost to play Thunderball is currently at £1 per line/entry, the maximum jackpot available to a player through an entry is £500,000. Prizes are awarded to a player for matching a certain amount of numbers, the prize tier starts from just matching the Thunderball and a prize is awarded for £3 in value, the prizes then increase in value with the more numbers a player can match.

When is the Thunderball draw on

The Thunderball draw when it was launched in 1999 was only available to be played once per week however overtime the Thunderball has increased in popularity and is now aired three times a week. A player can enter the Thunderball draw on Wednesday, Friday and Saturda. The Thunderball is drawn with the National Lottery event on BBC 1 however it can change times depending on current events or TV schedule.

Prize breakdown and odds of winning for Thunderball

Match Win Approx odds (1 in x)
5 main numbers plus the Thunderball £500,000 8,060,598
5 main numbers £5,000 620,046
4 main numbers plus the Thunderball £250 47,415
4 main numbers £100 3,647
3 main numbers plus the Thunderball £20 1,437
3 main numbers £10 111
2 main numbers plus the Thunderball £10 135
1 main numbers plus the Thunderball £5 35
0 main numbers plus the Thunderball £3 29

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