If you are a frequent player of the Thunderball game you may be aware that the game is not shown live on TV therefore players are forced to find out the results via other methods, this website aims to have the results online within minutes of the numbers becoming public – often beating the official body. The game costs £1 per play and is one of the most frequently played lottery games in the UK with draws taking place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. There are also several unique game perks in comparison to the other mainstream lottery games such as having a prize tier of matching just one number. This lottery game also operates using a fixed tier structure meaning it disregards jackpot rollovers, prize sharing and jackpot accumulation through ticket sales.

A player can purchase tickets from any local retailer or online – we recommend that you purchase your tickets online on account of preventing them being subject to damage, loss or theft. The prize tier for this game remains consistent with players being able to win up to £500,000 during normal draw conditions and the ability to win £3 from matching just one ball, the Thunderball. This game still only costs £1 to play in comparison to it's sister game Lotto which has raised it's cost to play to £2. The Wednesday and Friday draws are published exclusively online however you can find the results for Saturday on the Lotto TV program at Channel One around 21:50.

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Odds of winning Thunderball

The Thunderball has picked up a strong reputation of offering players the best chances of winning the jackpot prize. The game stacks up pretty well against its main rivals the EuroMillions game and the UK Lotto, using fewer balls to win a prize but a reduced jackpot amount. The table below outlines the chances of winning any of the prizes associated with this game.
Match Win Approx odds (1 in x)
5 main numbers plus the Thunderball £500,000 8,060,598
5 main numbers £5,000 620,046
4 main numbers plus the Thunderball £250 47,415
4 main numbers £100 3,647
3 main numbers plus the Thunderball £20 1,437
3 main numbers £10 111
2 main numbers plus the Thunderball £10 135
1 main numbers plus the Thunderball £5 35
0 main numbers plus the Thunderball £3 29